As we all know October month is the Cyber Security awareness month. Now, all our customers can secure their hosting account immediately by doing the following actions.

Action1: Enable your Two-Factor Authentication on your Tik Tik Host Hosting account

Action2: Enable Your Two-Factor Authentication on your cPanel and on Webmail

Action3: If you have installed WordPress, check all the and make 100% sure you’re not using the 

Action4: Change your username ‘admin’ on any of them.

Action5: Install WordFence Security plugin on your WordPress Website

Action6: Be sure all WordPress core files, themes, and plugins are ALWAYS running the latest version

Action7: Use password manager from your dashboard to generate STRONG passwords on all logins


Action8: On regularly basis, scan your computer for malware/viruses

If you have any doughts in doing the above actions, feel free to reach our technical support team.

Thank You,


System Admin.



Friday, October 12, 2018

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